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I am working as a web developer ave sometimes as a teacher, my students ask me how the colours are used.

Colour codes

In computational world, the codes represents everything. Programming, developing websites and even working with colours.

The coding system starts with 000000 and ends in FFFFFF. My students are really curious, that they ask “can we add k”. Simply no, I answered. WHY?

The hexadecimal system

The hexadecimal system is likes normal decimal. The normal digit system starts from 0 to 9. If the sum of the number is more than 9 it is headed to the place in front of that digit it is means it’s becomes 10. ok, in the hexadecimal system it is a bit strange because when I say the same example 9 + 1 is not becomes 10 it becomes a because it is based on 15 which is the nine plus one becomes a A, plus one becomes B, the same way back plus one become which means 16 off the decimal digit how is your explanation detail on the numeric system but now it is said the equivalent of the 10 in hexadecimal is equivalent to the 16 of the normal decimal system which is a bit different from the normal Decimal System.

What does hexa reflects coding of web colors

As I mentioned earlier part of the blog post, the colour codes of the HTML is built upon the HEXADECIMAL  coding system. So, if you want black, leave it with #000000. or if you want white, let it be #FFFFFF. Do you imagine that the coding have some more meanings between them?

The display system

Before we speaking about the colouring we have to know that how the displays are working on the colouring system, the colours are built up of three main colours, there are green and blue the mixture of colours are forming to make the beautiful mixing. For the white colour, it is made up of all the mixture of the three colours. The black colour is built when there is no emission at all.

So to paint the colours in the display the have to make a mix with three colours, so do you notice that the six hexadecimal in the display? That means that the first two is red and the second two is green and the last two is blue.

So, It is built up upon #RRGGBB. In later version of HTML and CSS, the coding system is working also with the Alpha which will be mentioned in the next Blog Post.

So the front two is imaging the red colour and the second one is imaging the green colour and the last two is imaging of the blue colour.

So if you want green you can turn off the front two, the last two and in the middle of the two is only opened.

If you would read you can open only two in the front in the whole part is zero.

How Display differs to Print?

How do you know how the printer will print on your webpage. In the earlier part, we are playing that no colour emitted when black. But how the printer works.

As far as I know the printer is working with reverse. If you bring the white colour the printer operates nothing. You print black the printer use the black colour to print successfully. Other colours are mixture of the machine colours.

So choosing colour for your website is to dark or black, the website will be very ink consuming to print your website or if you choose the white the printer will very easy to print out your website.


Do you know how the colouring systems are working inside the HTML Code and how you will mix to make the website more beautiful with colours. If you have something to discuss with or you have to argue, please comment below. thank you.

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