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Programming is one of the method to automate the repetitive works. Believe it or not, everything is working with repetitive jobs. The sunrise to sunset is the repetitive job, spring,summer, autumn and winter is repetitive jobs. Birthdays are repetitve jobs. Even our lives are repetitve jobs. Oh My God, The God is real great programmer.

How Programming Works

Programming is like driving your car automatically. You will know automatically when to accelerate and when to brake. How to drive smooth and how to drive hard to come over another car. Stop at red light, go on green and watch the pedestrian. Avoid city limits and speed at High Ways. You have a predefined set of repetitives tasks while driving. You write a program about that to automate the task to your computer to observe that actions. So, when you have missed something, the computer will do your jobs behalf of you.

A brief history of Programming

According to Wikipedia, the first programming language was started in 1942. After time by time, the hardwares are rapidly developed, another programming languages are emerged and common programming languages that covers a variety of hardwares to execute the instructions. More performance tuning and nowadays, there are thousands of programming languages to meet your needs.

High Level Programming

High Level Programming is the most widely used programming language all around the world. Example includes Java, C# and PHP, even Nodejs.

They are optimized to use on a wide variety of hardware platforms and working with smoothly and sound. They are human readable and understandable ( some says I can read but I can’t understand 😛 ).

There are now wide variety of Hardwares, such as intel, AMD, and more. In the same root, there are multi model devices which are oriented to various use, starting from IOT Devices to Servers.

The commercial programming is based on multi computers and thousands of architectures, they have to run on every single machine smoothly. Otherwise, they will FAIL.

The first High Level Programming Lanaguage is FORTRAN.

High is High, and then Low is Low

Before High Level Programming, Low Level Programming is also work for the same. The difference between High and low level programming langauge is High Level Programming is Platform and Hardware independent but Low-Level depends. They have different ideas on each one.

The first is Low-Level Programming and later arises to High-level Programming. They will be differed from a Penny to a Pound.

Many Developers uses Low-Level Programming Languages before FORTRAN was first introduced.

Nowadays, some programming tasks which directly interacts with the hardware or machine critical tasks are built on the Low-Level Programming Language.

Performance Comparison

When FORTRAN was firstly launched, the programmers are doubt the performance between the Low and High Programming Languages. Low-Level are directly connected to Hardware but High Levels are more device variable. Both makes sense.

Types of Programming Languages

Briefly, there are two types of Programming Languages, mainly: Compile and Script. I will not mention detail on this post that Compile languages converts our codes into machine understandable codes for first and run but Scripting languages run directly on execution without converting them in Machine Codes, and Vice Versa.

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