/Owncloud upgrade to X

Owncloud upgrade to X

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We upgrade to owncloud x for more stability and usability. The upgrading can be found more in official link. The manual upgrade is more comfortable for me and usability.


Before starting any winds, please make sure you have backed up everything including owncloud core, data folder and mysql to go everything with ease.


My current owncloud installation stopped working when I upgraded PHP to 7.2.4. Believe it or not, when owncloud shows this version of owncloud supports PHP 7.1. You are using PHP 7.2.4. Please upgrade to blah blah, it means your own solution is manual upgrade. Again manual upgrade. I can tell you that you can more easily working with the packaging managing system like apt or yum. You will be happy but I feel more convenient using manual power user upgrade.

First work

I first download from owncloud website and got the latest tar file to my terminal using wget command.

In chrome, go to official website and click the download and choose to your distro and press download. when the download is started, copy the link and type the command in terminal using wget. The command will be executed as follows:

wget -o owncloud.tar.gz https://owncloudaddress/mirror

if you forgot to add -o, the fill name will be downloaded as the last folder name of the web server. So, be ware to use it.

Setup installation environment

before you setup new installation, beware that your previous installation will awake with full of data. So, don’t forgot to change the installation directory of old installation to back up name. For example: owncloud to owncloud_old. That will make a lot better because new installation will work as owncloud to make fast movement.

Apache Setup

Apache web server should be stop during the upgrade procedure. Otherwise, the data loss or missynchronization with clients may occur. So, be ware to turn on maintenance mode or work with apache2 stopped.

I hope you have configured the old owncloud installation in a folder or virtualhost.

Install new installer

Currently you have new installer in your system. the file name owncloud.tar.gz is in our home folder and extract the tar.bz or tar.gz into folder using the following: command

tar xzvf owncloud.tar.gz

tar will unzip owncloud tar into folder and all apps and folders into the folder with owncloud version.

Replacing current version with new version

Before restarting apache2, we move the new virgin directory into old directory. We backup the working directory into old directory, the new virgin directory will replace the working directory.

After replacing the directory, we will copy the config of the old owncloud to new owncloud to make it work. the whole owncloud configuration is stored in config directory and the main config file is in config/config.php. you can edit as follows:

mv config/ ../owncloud/config

cd ../owncloud/config/

vi config.php

You can configure your new virgin to work with the new owncloud. if you have stored data in your directory and want to move outside, you can change the datadir in config file. If you already put outside, you don’t have to.

Check the new owncloud works (Upgrade work check)

start apache2 and check the current installation is working. If you run the server and check and display the white page, you have permission error.

Permission Check up

Be sure to check the permission to appropriate. the configuration folder must be readable and writable by apache and the data directory can be controlled by apache. If you don’t have appropriate setup, you can check the previous installation copy and change the permission according to them.


if you follow specific instruction and continue the upgrade, you can get the owncloud upgraded. If you have some problem, you can contact the team or if you are afraid or some problems to do, you can email to services@lovelyfamilymm.com to setup or upgrade your new installation.

If you want to get Owncloud Hosting: staring from 5 USD for 100 GB Storage, we manage the rest, you do the best.


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